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"Wilcox proves equally strong on the page and stage, articulating her intricate text with poise and passion.  She shifts between characters subtly but distinctly, using the slightest vocal and physical changes to inhabit Brecht's five women.  But her real strength is her wit, which shines through in every line."

-Daniel Lee, Stagelight Magazine

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"A tidy, insightful, and provocative piece of storytelling for anyone who has ever heard the name Bertolt Brecht."

-Keith Paul Medelis, Theatre is Easy

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"A Fringe must see."

-Kelly Johnson, Eye on the Arts

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"Wilcox's performance is nuanced and fully lived."

-Norma Perez-Hernandez, Letters from the Mezzanine

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"...dynamic and multidimensional... Wilcox's script and performance are very good indeed.  An enjoyable, enlightening, and noteworthy addition to the great series of theater that is FringeNYC."

-Lance Evans, StageBuddy

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"Informative and entertaining... well written and passionate... makes you want to know more about these characters."

-Judith Jarosz, NY Theater Now